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Frequently asked questions

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Q: What can I use the BB tool for?

A: Anything metallic you can use the BB tool on. It is especially more effective with Iron (Ferrous) containing metals but will work with Stainless Steel, Titanium, Brass, Aluminum, and Copper.

Q: Will the BB tool heat non-conductive material such as plastic, rubber, vinyl, fibreglass?

A: No the BB tool uses magnetic fields and reacts with metal only. By applying magnetic eddy currents, it excites the iron particles and thus produces kinetic energy which disperses into heat.

Q: How does the BB replace the torch in automotive repair?

A: The torch is commonly used when you cannot loosen the seized nut or bolt. By heating the metal (specifically the nut) the metal will expand and you can free the seized hardware. Using a torch is dangerous as the confined area in automotive repair lends to damaging the surrounding parts such as, wire harnesses, fuel lines, anything plastic, anything volatile. There are some applications, however the torch is more effective.

Q: Do you need to heat the Nut cherry red hot (>1,000 degrees F)?

A: No, You can heat a 3/4" nut cherry red hot within 30 - 45 seconds. Though it is capable to achieve this temperature it is not necessary. Heat enough to expand and break through the rust or thread lock only.

Q: Can the work coils be substituted and/or bent to access hard to reach areas?

A: The work coils are made of 10 gauge and 8 gauge copper tinned wire and covered with a high temp fiberglass sleeve. You can bend and vary the angle as the application requires. We recommend to use the work coils that comes with the unit as they are insulated.

Q: Do you need to have the work coil touch the part to be heated?

A: No. we recommend to have the work coil at least 1/2 - 3/4" close to the work area, but does not have to come in contact. In fact, by not contacting the work coil extends the life of the fiberglass insulation. Keep in Mind, the closer the work coil is to the nut or part to be heated the more concentrated the magnetic eddy currents will be.

Q: What do you use the Litz Wire rope for?

A: Litz wire is a special braided magnetic wire. Under high frequency and high current, the litz wire is more effective and efficient as the energy is fully transmitted through each of the small braided insulated wires. It can also be wrapped and winded to asymmetrical parts such as Tie Rods, O2 Sensors, Bearings, Transmission gears, etc...

Q: Can I use an extension cord with the BB Unit?

A: Yes, Only use a heavy duty extension cord with a 3 prong ground plug. Using frayed and thinner gauge extension cords is not recommended as it limits the current. Though it is a low voltage output, it does require higher current draw.

Q: Is the BB made in America?

A: Yes the BB is fully made and manufactured in America. We do source some parts from overseas such as the transformer cores and Heat Dissipating Die. The unit comes complete with a 30 day money back guarantee, along with a complete 1 year parts and labor warranty.

Q: Does the BB Unit come with a Coil Kit?

A: Yes the Unit comes with the following coils: 1.75", 1.5", 1.25", 1.0", .75 Long", .875" (2),.75" small, Litz wire rope (43" Long), Flex Form (23" Long). Optional thermal Pad sold separately.

Q: How powerful is the unit?

A: The Unit can achieve over 1,000 watts of induction at 50 - 70Khz frequency. There are more powerful units available (1800 - 2,000 watts) usually they're 10 - 20 times more costly than the BB. The BB patented design is more efficient. Meaning at 1,000 watts, the power is better transferred. Other units claim it offers more power but is does not utilize the power effectively as the BB does.